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The Subwave Turbine

Wavecos wave power solution is based on the turbine invention from 2014 by Inge Bakke, the founder of Waveco. The Subwave turbine, called so because it will operate safely in the quiet area below the wave zone, is a double, counter-rotating water turbine, hanging about a 100 meters under a buoy floating on the surface. When the buoy is affected by ocean waves, the turbine will alternately be lifted and sinking down forcing the turbine blades to apply torque on the rotors and generate electricity.


This Youtube video will explain the concept. The video will open in a new window.


Our first model is tested in the sea and then horizontally in a towing tank. We have learned a lot about the function, the power potential and the efficiency. The model has a swept area diameter of one meter.

Power output

When upscaled, the power output increases by the square of the swept area diameter. For energy production the diameter will probably be about 20 meters and the rotational speed only 10 rpm with a power output of 1.5 GWh per year per turbine in an energy-rich area.

The turbine model in Stadt Towing Tank, Måløy, Norway.

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