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Wave Energy

Waveco is a technology innovator dedicated to contributing to the global transformation of green energy. We do this by adapting the proven principle of wind turbines to the ocean space under the waves.

Air and water are both liquids and follow the same physical laws. But water is much denser. While the wind turbine blades sweep over a diameter of up to 200 meters, the diameter of the Subwave turbine will probably never be more than 20 meters.

The Subwave turbine operates under the active wave zone, safely away from the harsh surface environment, with storms and marine growth. Turbines hang in cables from buoys on the surface and wave energy is transmitted to them via these cables.

Tidal power

The Subwave turbine can also, with small modifications, be used to extract tidal power. In that case, it is laid sideways, given a significant positive buoyancy and from a floating position pulled down into the tidal current by two gravitational anchors.

While wave energy is found almost everywhere on the vast expanses of the ocean, strong tidal currents are limited to narrow straits in areas with amplified tidal differences. However, they are often close to the market and have a higher degree of predictability than any other form of renewable energy. Despite this, the promises from marine energy are primarily related to wave energy, which is the focus area for Waveco.

Relieve the land areas

The sea covers 72% of the Earth's surface. The development of affordable marine energy can relieve land areas from overexploitation when fossil energy is to be replaced by renewables. Space-consuming renewable energy projects on the land harm or destroy wildlife habitats and aggravate an already worrisome global situation. Read more...

Green shipping on a blue sea

International shipping is responsible for 2-3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. More than 80 percent of goods traded between continents are transported by sea. But the ships sail on an ocean full of energy. In the old days, it was the wind that was exploited. In the future, we must be able to utilize wave energy, not for direct propulsion, but for the production of hydrogen in offshore filling stations along long-distance routes. Read more...

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