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Tidal Wave Wind Observing Hydrogen Shipping


The Subwave technology is still in an early phase. Only a model has been built with which we have performed tests in a towing tank and measured capacity and efficiency. We have also received a professional theoretical assessment of the concept with estimates of energy output relative to the diameter of the buoy and the turbine.

The ideas presented under this tab are far from being realized. We show them here to highlight the potential and the flexibility of this concept.

Interreg NW Europe Marine Energy Alliance

In 2020, Waveco received a grant from the Interreg NW Europe Marine Energy Alliance consisting of free services in accordance with the needs set out in the application. Three research centers in Europe, the Dutch Marine Energy Center, the Netherlands, Ecole Central Nantes, France and Exceedence, Ireland, are involved. The services include cost analyzes, performance analyzes and market assessment for the self-positioning observation buoy Automar. The program ends in November 2021, but may also include follow-up activities.

An un-anchored station-holding ocean observation vessel

In December 2020 Waveco received a grant from Vestland County Council to cover the costs of research at the NORCE Norwegian Research Centre. In the report, published 30 March 2021, the concept of a floating self-supplying observation vehicle was evaluated. The analysis shows that the proposed concept is physically feasible and harvesting of the wave energy should be enough to maintain the position and provide excessive energy for powering additional services.

More detailed analyzes and simulations will be performed before designing, building and then testing a full-scale prototype over a year in the North Atlantic. Read more ...

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