Anchored arrays of Subwave units will be deployed in relatively shallow waters near coasts or offshore consumers. There will be an umbilical to transport the current from the array to the consumer.

Grid connected, anchored arrays of Subwave units can power onshore or offshore consumers.

A main point of the Subwave concept is that the turbines should be located at a depth that is at least half the maximum wavelength in the sea area where it is deployd. Here, the turbines will operate in a virtually stagnant body of water and will be shielded from the beatings on the surface. There will be little sunlight on such depths which reduces the problem of biofouling. The buoys on the surface are the only parts that have to withstand the conditions there.

The connection between the units will be deep enough for service vessels to operate in the area. Individual turbines can be hooked off the array for service or replacement. Power will be generated in the turbines, led along the suspension system to the seabed and ashore (red lines).
Floating wind power should be combined with wave power if the area has significant wave resources.  Waveco's concept will not prevent traffic to the wind turbines.